The Firm

We are a team of professionals dedicated to provide comprehensive counsel in criminal, economic criminal, business criminal, and compliance issues. Our commitment is to provide customized support to our clients. Our services include developing strategies and conducting criminal and constitutional criminal proceedings; identifying risks in multiple business structures to create prevention programs in the corporation and providing counsel to individual and legal entities regarding criminal matters.

Our work always follows high standards of business ethics and transparency. Two of our basic principles are our team experience and the ongoing training and refinement of our partners.

Our team consists of lawyers graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú with studies in the best universities abroad. We think that a required complement to the ongoing training process of our professional team is to be professors, a role carried out in different public and private institutions.

Our philosophy is to practice Criminal Law and represent our clients with the best efficiency and professionalism, in order to achieve a positive outcome and defend their best interests, training highly skilled professionals along the way. We seek to be a firm-school referent in Peru