Armando Sánchez Málaga

Lawyer, specialist in Criminal law and business criminal law. Active participant in criminal proceedings. Expert in preventive counseling of corporate risks and in compliance programs. University professor, scholar and consultant. His main studies comprise Economic criminal law, Labor criminal law, subjective accusation in criminal law and English criminal law.

Practice Areas
Proceedings / Counseling /Risk Prevention in the Corporation (compliance)


PhD in Criminal Law, Universidad de Barcelona - Spain (2017)
ICA Certificate in Compliance of the International Compliance Association (2017)
ICA Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention of the International Compliance Association (2017)
Master's degree in Criminology and Sociology, focus on criminal and legal aspects, Universidad de Barcelona – Spain (2013)
- Master's degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences, Universidad de Barcelona and Universidad Pompeu Fabra - Spain (2012)
Specialization in Economic Criminal Law, X Edition of the Postgraduate studies in Law, Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha, Toledo - Spain (2010)
Lawyer, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2008)

Academic Activity

Professor of the Department of Law, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, in the Master's programs of Business Law and Banking and Financial Law (2014 to date)
Professor of the Department of Law, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (2014-2015)
External consultant for the International Labor Organization (2014 to date)
Lecturer of the "X Congreso Internacional de Derecho Penal" (X International Convention of Criminal Law), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2016).
Guest lecturer in the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law seminar, Universidad de Barcelona (2016).

Work Experience

Partner in Yon Ruesta, Sánchez Málaga & Bassino Abogados
Partner in Sánchez Málaga & Bassino Asociados


Lima Bar Association, Perú
Affiliate member of International Compliance Association

Main Publications

Co-author of the Blog: "Libertad Interrumpida", published by Themis Revista de Derecho. Sitio Web:

The criminal intent: spiritual phenomenon or regulatory attribution?" Published by Themis 68, 2016, Lima, Perú. Ver publicació

“Criminal Law and forced labor in Perú. Orientation module for justice operators." OIT, 2015, Lima, Perú.Ver publicació

“Critical analysis of the crime policy and the unfair type of the tax offense in Peru.” Published by Themis Revista de Derecho, N° 64, 2013, Lima, Perú.Ver publicació

“Approach and critical commentary from the penal perspective of the application of the Economic analysis of law - Special remark on the economic felon.” Published by Themis Revista de Derecho, N° 62, 2012, Lima, Perú. View

“The public safety enemy and speech”. Publishedby Ius et Veritas Revista de Derecho 44, 2012, Lima, Perú.Ver publicació

“Constitutional principles for the application of the criminal and legal regulation towards the consequence analysis. Special relevance of the principles of reasoning and proportionality." Published by 20 años del Codigo Penal Peruano, Grijley, 2012, Lima, Perú.


Spanish (native)
English (Advanced)
French (advanced) German (intermediate)

Ariana Bassino Balta

Roger Yon Ruesta